Railpath Expansion Design Begins!

Amazing Railpath Expansion News!!!
Railpath expansion has cleared the EA and received the MInister’s approval to proceed to detailed design and implementation. Now lets make sure that Metrolinx connects any future multi purpose bike trail along it’s Barrie line to this expansion.

2 responses to “Railpath Expansion Design Begins!

  1. A group of 5 of us walked the rail path last Friday 31st March from north to south. We knew that the trailhead on Cariboo is extremely difficult to find, and even so had difficulty finding it. You need some signage in from Davenport, Unwin and Cariboo. The south end is better, since the sign is right on Dundas.

    We found the Henderson Brewery right next to the trail and stopped in to sample their beers and purchase some. We also found the Lansdowne Brewery near the south end of the trail. Apparently, the Halo Brewery is close to the trail also. So you could construct an interesting brewery tour close to the trail! Just an idea!

    John Cummings
    Chair, Friends of Cedarvale

    • Thanks for coming for a visit. We have placed many things on hold along the trail due to damage from Metrolinx expansion along the rail corridor.This has also delayed our stage 2 down to Abell Steet. Our new website will be up in a month or so and it will have far greater detail than we currently have. If you love beer then you should checkout https://backyardbeertours.ca/ .

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