Tree of Heaven Celebration: Join us Tuesday November 17th

Tree Of Heaven_Poster

Join Councillor Ana Bailao and the Friends of the West Toronto Railpath as we celebrate the form, beauty and spirit of the Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven) and unveil the new design plans for the Wallace entrance to the Railpath, which includes more ring and posts, benches, trees, and a water fountain..

***Bring a warm drink and stories to share about your experiences enjoying time under the branches of this tree.


2 responses to “Tree of Heaven Celebration: Join us Tuesday November 17th

  1. Morning. I am wondering if you are actually planting a tree of heaven at the event? It is an invasive species in Ontario and should really not be introduced especially in an area that is a landscape connector. please do not introduce this tree.

  2. victoria taylor

    Hello Leslie. The Friends’ event is a celebration of a mature tree that has provided shade and form to the railpath community for many years at the Wallace Avenue entry. Part of the reason for the removal is exactly the reasons you’ve mentioned and also to address the new design of this entry area. The City will be replacing the tree with a hardy Ontario tree specie. Thank you for your comments and hope you can join us next Tuesday evening.

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