Railpath Expansion Update

Railpath expansion is in the last days of an environmental Assessment (EA) and barring any last minute snags the shovels will go in the ground in 2017! Yea! We had hoped that 2016 would be the year but the EA process has taken longer so it has pushed back the final design and tendering.

On October 22 the Province announced that cycling infrastructure would no longer be required to use the time consuming provincial environmental assessment process and would now be subject to a shorter review. This means that Railpath 2 has automatically moved to the final stage of public notice before an RFP for detailed drawings can tendered.

This is the City of Toronto EA page for the project. There is a slide show that can be opened to provide a great overview. One note, the most southerly part of the expansion shows a route from Abell Street south east that uses Sudbury Avenue. This was not the original preferred route and is not going to happen at this time. This remaining short stretch is going to be rethought, considering the original preferred route along the rail corridor, and other potential routes, in conjunction with locals and stakeholders. The idea is to think big and inventive and see how we can get people across King and into Liberty Village in a way that adds to the community and adds to the larger Railpath vision.

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2 responses to “Railpath Expansion Update

  1. I’ve noticed that there is some work along the northern end of the rail path. Is there any chance that it will extend to the southern portion of Old Weston rd.? Getting there from the Davenport bike lane is a pain, with the rail crossing and general poor quality of Osler rd.

    With the new transit hub and community centre at the Black Creek/Weston/Eglinton area it’d be great if bike access was improved by extending it even farther north.

    • Things are in the very early stages north of Cariboo where Railpath ends. There are numerous studies going on right now about St. Clair and Keele area and a recommendation for 2 roads being extended west over the rail corridor (Davenport would land on Lloyd Avenue for example). The first step is for Railpath to head up to St. Clair so we are working with the city to try to make sure that this is not precluded by any new road construction.

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