Railpath Cleanup Day April 2 Noon

Its time for the annual Railpath Cleanup and inspection

JT Railpath invites you to come out for an hour or so and help get Railpath off to a great clean start (although it never really stops). Meet under Wallace Bridge on April 2 at noon. Bring a garbage bag or two, some gloves, and a smile. The last 2 times we had a lot of fun rain or shine.

We split people into groups so that each person is picking recyclable or garbage and the best part is we leave the bags for Parks to come and pick up. Usually we get at least two people with bikes that have pull carts so that bags can be moved around.

Afterwards we can all head over to Angel’s Cafe for a coffee.

Railpath is an important part of the community so lets help take care of it; a little bit of time makes a big difference. If you are planning on coming out post here so we have an idea.


One response to “Railpath Cleanup Day April 2 Noon

  1. PHASE 1 has to be seen as a major success, personally so appreciative of it (cycle/run). PHASE 2?!?!?!?!!? Any news… Completition would be fantastic!

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